Keeping Pets Cool Outside

Summer is hot let me rephrase that it is scorching outside. If it is hot to you it’s about 100 times hotter to your furry friend. So what is some good ways to keeping pets cool outside?

Letting your dog stay indoors is always great and they will love you for it. What happens if you can’t though like they destroy your house then you need to take heed what your pet may need.

  1. A pool in the shade always helps if you dog is a water lover they can just lounge in the pool. Our dog hates water he hates even walking on a bridge because water is underneath it. Dogs are so funny sometimes.
  2. Make sure they have plenty of fresh water preferably in the shade. Or if you can get this neat little gadget, it goes on the outside faucet and it is like a automatic water feeder so they have fresh cool water all the time.

Lixit Dog Faucet Waterer


        3. Leave your pet at home if you have to go somewhere and need to leave them in the car. If you just want to take them for a ride by all means they probably will love it.

        4. A dog house for your furry friend is perfect. You can build one to match your house and leave it open so they can stay out of the heat and enjoy the breeze.

Keeping Pets Cool Outside

If your friend needs a home give us a call for a free estimate 352-277-4533.

Let us make it the coolest summer ever for your pet!

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