Unexpected Remodeling Cost


Remodeling is a fun way to change the old look of your home. Home trends are always changing it is hard for one to stay on top of the newest design. You have your vision and are ready to start remodeling. There is always unexpected remodeling cost, I’ll break it down for you. It is easy to blow your budget when the unexpected happens. If you plan for these costs you won’t be hit as hard in the end.

  1. Demolition Day– This day is always exciting because it means the beginning of your dreams taking place. It can also be the scariest day, when you start peeling back layers of a home you never know what may show up. You have a multitude to choose from mold, pests, bad wiring, bad wood, termites or even asbestos. You just never know until you unwrap the package.
  2. Changing your mind– Changing your mind is going to happen many times. What you don’t want to do is change your mind once the job is mid job especially if the item is already in place. If you have to demo again to make the change it may dig into your budget, if you have room to play then do it. You can’t live with it if you hate it. If you have a good contractor if something doesn’t work or look right than they will suggest changes before.
  3. Keeping up with the codes– Codes change all the time and chances are your home may not be up to code. It’s all good until you want to make a change and then it has to be up to code. 
  4. Increased utility bills- During the remodel your bills will be higher, due to the use of table saws and any other electrical tool. It’s always good to add a little budget cushion for this.
  5. Pets– If you have pets this may disturb them having projects going on. This may or may not be costly; if you have someone who can take them for a while that would be ideal. Or you may need to board them just to keep the sanity for your pet and the workers. 
  6. Dining out– This is depending on which sort of remodel you are having done. If it is your kitchen chances are you may not want to cook therefore plan to eat out.
  7. Dumpsters– Some contractors will already have that in their bill. They are a must with remodels.

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Just remember be prepared for the unexpected remodeling cost.

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