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10 Ways To Save Electric In A Florida Summer


Living in Florida it is hot so we need to save electric, who doesn’t need to save electric! Plain and simple but your electric bill isn’t plain and simple, it is high. I have found 10 ways to save electric in a Florida Summer. If we could just live in a pool all day and night that would be ideal but we can’t. Florida is a great state I love it and will probably never leave so we have to find ways to lessen the blow every month and save electric.

  1. Turn your air up. I know it’s hot here but it doesn’t hurt to turn it up a smidgen, every degree helps. If you aren’t home all day. Turn it up higher then turn it back down a few degrees when you get home.
  2. Turn your water heater down. The ideal temp for you water heater is 120 degrees. A lot of the time I try to take a cooler shower but some days I just need some heat so if you turn it down you won’t break your budget. Also shorten your showers, there is really no need to empty the water heater after every shower.
  3. Change your air filters. You should change them monthly your air conditioner will run more smoothly but also cut down on the dust and dirt in the air.
  4. Use fans when possible. When you are in a room just turn on a fan it can get around 4 degrees cooler. Fan’s circulate the air but fans will cool people not rooms in general.
  5. Close your curtains or invest black out curtains. Keep curtains closed as much as possible unless you enjoy the sunlight. In that case close them when you leave so it will cool down and block out those hot rays.
  6. Window units cool one room not big areas. If you have a window unit it should only focus on a single room it burns more electric running it in a bigger area.
  7. Use appliances less. Try not to use your oven as much, instead use the stove top, microwave, grill or outdoor kitchen. Hand wash dishes, I know old school but if you run you dishwasher less it will help all the way around.
  8. Shut your television off. If your not watching it turn it off those things especially flat screens burn up electric.
  9. Use LED lighting instead. These are all the rage right now in new homes and they save you money and last forever. We switched them all in the house and love the way they look.
  10. Use cold water to wash clothes. Using cold water is perfectly fine also. Air dry some items if you can, when the dryer runs less you save more.

I’m sure there are a lot more ways to save energy but those can at least get you saving. If you know any other ways to save bring on the suggestions we all need them.  Hope these suggestions help! Your welcome 🙂

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